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I just recently took a class on productivity. It was great! I kind of thought I “knew everything” about being efficient but this class pointed out a few things I wasn’t doing so I wanted to share them with.

Now remember, I don’t seek out ways to be efficient so I can get more things done. I try to work efficiently so I have more time to waste with my family.

In America, we’ve stopped valuing quality time. It feels like we should be working or cleaning. I know that’s difficult for me still. I struggle with giving myself over to nothingness… to just sitting around and chatting or taking a drive for no reason. But I also know how important it is to just spend uninterrupted face time with your husband and with your kids.

  1. Download the News Feed Eradicator for Chrome.
    This is a plug-in that you can add to your Chrome internet browser that disables the news feed of your Facebook account. This is especially important if you’re a blogger or do any kind of work through your Facebook account. It still shows you all your notifications and you can access all your pages but you can’t see the regular ‘ole news feed of all your friends. I didn’t realize how much time I spent scrolling through the feed until it was gone. I still find myself wanting to scroll but now it’s gone and I can’t!

    Here is a link to the News Feed Eradicator:
  2. Create a Time-In Jar
    This is actually something I thought of recently to help give a physical reminder to GET OFF MY PHONE! I got a mason jar and put some construction paper around it that had “Time In” written on it. The idea is that when I get home or come downstairs, I drop my phone in this jar and I spend time with my family. I don’t need to hold it, touch it, or look at it. I know where it is and I can check on it every 1-2 hours.

    This has helped me greatly to avoid the mindless refresh that’s so easy to do when your phone is sitting next to you! I’ll post a picture of this on my Instagram account so you can see it! I’m @sterlingjaquith.
  3. Put Your Phone in Do Not Disturb Mode
    I did not know about this mode a few weeks ago! Apparently, at least on an iPhone but I’m guessing on the other phones as well, you can put your phone in the Do Not Disturb Mode. This silences all notifications except a text or phone call from a person on your favorites list!

    Brilliant! Now I won’t miss a call from my husband but I don’t need to hear the reminders for doctors appointments or the library reminding me we STILL haven’t brought our books back! I think this is a great way to help us put those phones down and stop looking at them. We know we won’t miss anything important so it gives us the freedom to leave it alone!
  4. Get Dressed & Put Your Shoes On!
    This class I took was about people who work from home. The teacher said even though her office is across the hall from her bedroom, that she still puts her shoes on to know that’s now in work mode. I’ve heard this often about  motherhood too. Wake up and get dressed for the day. I go in and out of phases of doing that and since having Forest, I’ve definitely been out of that phase.

    So I’ve been starting to do that more and it feels great. I get dressed right away and I even brush my hair… gasp!!!

    Some of you don’t like wearing shoes in the house so you can skip that part. I happen to like wearing shoes in the house and it makes me walk around more so I do this part too!
  5. Consider Laundry Self-Care
    Most of you know I’ve been trying to lose weight and mamas…. It’s hard! I really hate moving my body. I loathe exercise. And so it’s not surprising that ANY barrier that pops up is welcome and I immediately latch onto it as an excuse why I can’t exercise.

    One of the easiest barriers to grab onto is the idea that I don’t want to wear several outfits in one day because it will create more laundry. Let’s say you woke up, put your day clothes on and now, at 10 a.m. you have a break to workout. You’d have to put your workout clothes on. Then you ought to take a shower (another big barrier for me) and after showering, you ought to put on clean clothes! That’s three outfits in one day!

    Now there are no rules that say you HAVE to do this but it’s easy for me to think I SHOULD and therefore, if I didn’t workout, it would create a lot less work for me!

    But in the end, I’m only hurting myself. Would I do laundry every day for six months if I could lose 30 pounds? Absolutely!

    So I’ve started viewing the extra clothes as self-care. We’re always saying we need to be better about self-care and so I’ve decided that doing more laundry is like taking a bubble bath. It’s taking some retraining of my brain but so far it’s working! I’m seeing the extra outfits as a gift to myself because in the end, there isn’t much I want more than to have a stronger, healthier and much smaller body!

Alright so there are five things I hope can help you feel like a more rockin’ mom! If you’ve changed something up in your routine lately, share with the group either as a comment on this blog post or over on my page

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