I often feel lost in the sea of parenting.  What should we eat?  What should we read? How do I get my children to love Jesus?  And the internet has endless resources but that’s just… overwhelming most days.  Sure, there are golden nuggets to be found but I have to gear up, have energy and be discerning when sifting through all the articles and tips and tricks on the bloggosphere.

There is one tool though that I found several years ago that continues to help me grow as a parent.  It’s a tool that I keep coming back to even if I’ve put it aside for a season.  It’s so easy to implement and understand and the results come so quickly that I can’t imagine ever giving it up.  I don’t remember how I found it but it’s definitely something I’m always recommending to other moms.

The We Choose Virtues program is awesome!  I really enjoy the colorful cartoon characters, their stories and the simple catch phrases.  My daughter is almost five and we’re just now starting to add in the scripture passages that go along with each virtue.

Today I’m giving away two sets of the Parent Cards.  We’ve been using these for three years and we absolutely love them!

“The Parenting Cards from We Choose Virtues are a simple and fun way to teach character to your kids. They are loaded with examples of how to choose and usevirtues whether your kids are learning them for the first time or they just need to grow a bit more. You will learn action catchphrases and the antonyms to help define what thevirtue is and what it is not. Your kids will love the lifestyle of goodness, and you will love being around your kids more than ever!”
This set includes 12 Virtue cards. Retail Price: $38.99
And, they’re running a special promotion of 20% off using VIRTUEBLOG as a promo code!

These cards are really all you need to implement the program in your home.  We used to put one up on our refrigerator and change it out every week.  Then we moved and magnets don’t stick to our new refrigerator so we’ve put them up in our schoolroom.   My favorite virtue is “Perseverance: I Can do it even when it’s tough” because this is the virtue I want to instill in my kids the most.

The one that has been the most helpful though is Patient: I wait and wait with a smile on.” They picked this one up so quickly and it was so easy to remind them of.  “Can you please be patient while mommy…” whatever I’m doing.  Then if they start to speak I say, “What does patient meant?”  “I wait with a smile on.”  “Oh yes, let me see that smile!”  It’s wonderful!

I’m a big big fan of this company.  I love the work they put out.  It’s great whether you’re a homeschooling family or not.  I genuinely believe that if we focused on teaching our kids these virtues, we’d have a much happier world in one generation!

Leave a comment about how teaching virtues in your home could help your family and I’ll pick two random winners on Thursday to receive these Parenting Cards!