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I threw out some big news on the last Coffee & Pearls. We’re pregnant with baby number six whose due date is seven days after the last baby was born. That’s right, these kiddos will be almost exactly twelve months apart. To be honest, I’m still digesting it. I’m still breathing through this news. I’m probably 30% in denial and then 70% already so tired and irpy that I’m not thinking about anything.

But I am happy to share that my husband and I out of desperation, have started praying the rosary every night. I mentioned this in the last seven quick takes Friday. We’ve been doing it at 7 p.m. after the three little kids go to bed. Sometimes the older two join us and sometimes they don’t.

Even last night I was smiling as my 8-year-old sat next to my husband with her own rosary. It felt so peaceful. It felt so right. I rubbed my belly and thanked this baby for this gift. Even if this baby doesn’t get to stay on Earth with us, I will remember this gift that he gave our family.

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Now most of you know I’m a minimalist so I generally turn down review opportunities because, to be honest, I don’t feel that it’s right to review something I wouldn’t buy or keep. When I saw an opportunity to review the Aroma Rosary for, I jumped at the opportunity because I felt the time had come for me to dip my toes back into the world of essential oils.

I guess you could say I’m kind of a crunchy mom. We don’t do much gluten, dairy, or sugar in our house. I make a homemade clear that the kids use. I did make my own laundry detergent once and it was easy but I think I’ve had five kids since then… so it hasn’t made the cut!

When I received some essential oils as a gift many years ago, I was excited. Essential oils seem to be a cornerstone in the crunchy mom community. I was a few months postpartum at the time and had been experiencing some postpartum depression. This was after Poppy, my second, was born. I wanted to lay down and rest a little, this was in the middle of the day and my husband was home so it was probably a Saturday.

I used the roller and rubbed some under my nose, on my wrists, and on my ankles. Almost immediately, I got a migraine headache. I started seeing black spots. I yelled for my husband to grab me a bowl and promptly threw up all the contents of my stomach. I then had to lay with a cold towel on my head in a completely dark room for three hours until that awful headache went away.

To say it was a scary experience would be a huge understatement. I’ve been kind of terrified of essential oils ever since then even though I know full well, it was probably not diluted enough or I used too much. I have always been very sensitive, I can barely tolerate caffeine.

So I’ve been wanting to give essential oils another chance since they seem to be the bee’s knees but I wasn’t sure how. Then up pops this Aroma Rosary kit and it felt like perfect timing! I didn’t choose which one they sent me but the one they sent is probably the one I would have chosen! It’s an all black rosary from their Victory line which references Our Lady of Victory from the battle of Lapanto. The beads are hematite and the mysteries are lava rock.

The kit comes with four essential oils, one for each mystery. I genuinely like the smell of each one. I kind of assumed that if I didn’t like one, I’d use them based on my mood but since I actually enjoy all of them, I do use the one that’s associated with each mystery based on the mystery I’m praying.

You simply put 1-2 drops of the essential oil on the rosary and it adds a wonderful element to this beautiful prayer. The Catholic Church often uses candles and scents to deepen our experience of the Liturgy. We love lighting candles and now, adding these beautiful scents to our prayer feels so right. The kids love it, of course, because kids love novelty and anything they can do.

The bottles themselves are a little tricky to open but I actually like that because there’s no way my little kids could open them.

The only drawback is the price. It’s steep. Full-sized rosaries are $79-120 and for some of you, that’s just not even an option. But for those of you who have parents, grandparents, or friends that are very hard to buy for, I think this would be a wonderful gift. It’s thoughtful, unique, and beautiful.

I love the idea of incorporating scents into our family prayer time. I’m sure there are many ways you could do this, even with simple candles. I would encourage you to pray the rosary with your husband at the very least and with your family if you feel up to it. Even if you simply did this on Fridays, to honor the Lord’s great sacrifice, it’d be a wonderful start and I promise, you’ll see the fruits of this in your family!

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