Was that an earthquake that just rocked Hillsboro, OR?  No, it was Richard Lane!  Anyone who has heard him speak knows exactly what I’m talking about.  This man walks into a room and within five minutes has everyone laughing, opening their bibles and wanting to know more about Jesus Christ!  And with audience that’s often made up of senior Catholics, that’s no easy task!

Richard has a way of putting people in their place and making them feel great about it!  “Why are we talking about Scandal instead of adoration?” He asks and the whole crowd nods.  They know exactly what he’s talking about.  We are so busy living in the world, that we forget that our lives should be pointing toward Christ.  Catholics are afraid to talk about their faith.  Catholics are afraid to say Jesus out loud.  Catholics are afraid of evangelization.  But don’t worry, Richard gives us hope too!  He says anyone can do it and by the end of an hour with Night Train Lane, you believe him!

I kind of walked away thinking there was a Black Baptist Preacher living inside me all along and I just never knew it!  Hallelujah, Jesus has come to save us!  We should all be walking around with such joy and passion.  And though many of us won’t be rushing out to speak in front of hundreds of Catholics, we can do what we are able and that is speak to our neighbors.  We need to start being a Catholic community that welcomes one another and welcomes outsiders.  We have to start greeting each other at Mass.  “Hi, how are you? What is your name?  How long have you been coming here?  Tell me about your family?”

We must stop being the “frozen chosen.”  We have the greatest truth in the whole world – our Catholic faith – and yet we’re keeping it a secret.  And maybe it’s because we don’t understand the truth and greatness behind our faith.  Richard asks, “Can you imagine if we all believed in the power of the Eucharist?  We could change the world!”  And he’s absolutely right!  I was “Catholic” for more than two years before truly and deeply understanding the truth of the Mass.  Of course you would think Mass is boring if you don’t understand what’s really happening.  Of course you’d rather sleep in than go to Mass if you don’t understand the amazing miracle that happens there every weekend.

We can no longer make our Sunday Mass experience something that we have to “get through” so we can do the other “more important and more fun” things on our weekend agenda.  I cannot say enough about how powerful Richard’s testimony is.  Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.  Watch his videos.  Go see him if he comes to speak!  And if you know non-Catholics in your life but you’ve been scared to take them to Mass, take them to a Richard Lane mission.  I can’t think of a better way to get them fired up about being Catholic.  He speaks the truth but in such a compelling and joyful way, you can’t help but be drawn in.  He will make missionaries out of all of us, just watch!