Catholic Life Notes
Remember details of life's most important moments
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Never forget the successes and challenges of birthdays, holidays, traveling and more with this amazing tool to help you remember year-over-year the details that matter!

Examples of things to keep track of:
Birthday presents that are a huge win! I remember pulling up the awesome present we had bought a few years ago for my three-year-old that she loved so I could get it for our next daughter who was about to turn three. Life notes.
We took a road trip with the kids and discovered you always need at least one extra blanket, and MANY plastic bags to catch... yucky stuff. Life notes.
Surprised my husband by saying he could have a Saturday all to himself and do whatever he wanted. He LOVED it and I would probably have forgotten to do it again. Life notes.
For two years in a row, I bought purple tissue paper to wrap our Advent books in. And for both years, I started wrapping the night before only to realize you could see the book titles through the wrapping paper. Never again! Life notes.
Sterling Jaquith
I help people strive for sainthood in everyday life by helping them continue to improve their lives with baby steps. This is fantastic tool to help you live a better year, every year by not making the same mistakes!
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