Day Two of the 31 Days Write Challenge and we’re talking about Choosing God First!

When it comes to our spiritual life, many Catholics get caught up in all the wonderful traditions our great church has and they leave Jesus in the background. While He is part of everything we do, if we do not engage with Him on a personal, one-on-one level, we are missing out on the greatest relationship of our lives.

God sent His only son into the world so that we might be saved. This man, who walked among us, who lived a life of poverty, who knows how it feels to be hungry and tired, was also the son of God! How amazing is that? It’s so beautiful because our Lord knows exactly what it feels like to be human, to be tempted by worldly things. While He lived a sinless life, and most of us can’t relate to that, I find great comfort in knowing that Jesus was human.

I feel like the Protestants have taken the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” and charged it with slightly uncomfortable feelings. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable because we should all have personal, relationship with Jesus but when we hear that, we often think of being pressed up against a wall having to defend our life choices.

I’m proud of them for being good evangelists and for standing behind the same phrase as they go into the world and spread the Good News to others. It’s just not my favorite phrase.

I was wanting to say it differently when I stumbled upon a lesson for children in Classically Catholic Memory. The program posed the question, “Why did God make us?” The answer was, “God made us to know Him, love Him and to serve Him.”

Know Him, love Him and serve Him. Such few words and yet they are so powerful. That’s exactly why God made us and yet many of us are not living this out.

Such few words and yet they are so powerful. That’s exactly why God made us and yet many of us are not living this out. When you close your eyes and picture the top five things you’re worried about, I bet that your relationship with Jesus isn’t one of them. And while I completely understand what it feels like to be drowning financially, living in a cold marriage and worried you’re not doing the right things for your children, God calls us first and foremost to know Him, love Him, and to serve Him.

It’s time we part our to-do lists and stick more Jesus in them.

We need to up our prayer time and recognize that we choose a lot of petty things over spending time with God. Even when I feel like my life is in chaos, I still find 15 minutes to do things I want to do. I used to choose those things over reading my bible or praying but I have come to realize that it’s a lot harder to manage the chaos without daily injections of Jesus.

I’m not suggesting we pray all the time.  That’s not reasonable and we’re not nuns. God called us to our vocation of motherhood and it’s important that we are good stewards of the children He’s given to our care. But when we allow days to pass without focused prayer or time reading our bibles, we have allowed the world to dictate our priorities and crowd out our Lord.

One of the ways I make sure I get time with God is by starting and ending my day in prayer.  No matter what is going on, I can squeeze five minutes of time, with my eyes closed, thanking God for what He’s given me and asking for grace to get through the day. I’d like to spend thirty minutes doing this in the morning and in the evening but that’s not always possible.

What I’m asking of you in today’s challenge is to fight hard for five minutes at the beginning and the end of your day.  Find your bible, put it next your bed, and read a few lines every single day. Ingrain this habit into your life so you are always reminding yourself which relationship is most important in your life.

God will always be the quiet one in the background. Your kids, your husband, your friends, and your volunteer commitments will always be louder. It’s your job to push those aside and choose to know Him, love Him and serve Him.  By doing this, you will find more peace.

And mama, I wish you more peace!


Sterling Jaquith

P.S. I write more tips and tricks for choosing God in my book Catholic Mom Challenge: Striving for Sainthood in Everyday Mom Life!