episode 11

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This week I wanted to talk about something health related.  When I dreamed up this idea, I didn’t put together that it’s also Thanksgiving week but oh well!  I saw this cartoon a few weeks ago and I thought it was great.  Props to Connie Bennett for so clearly illustrating how I feel when I made good choices versus how I feel when I make healthy choices.


We are in the two months that most test our resolve to make good choices.  During these two months bad food is literally paraded around FOR FREE in front of us.  All the chocolates, crackers and dips.  Man, am I sucker for a good dip!  “It’s the holidays” we keep telling ourselves so we dive right in thinking that it’s just a blip and we deserve some fun but the result is a cranky mom with a short temper who often fails to deliver the joyful experience she was hoping to give her children.

I fell for this just last night!  I went to a house warming party and I was even good and ate ham and green beans before I went.  But there was chocolate mousse and garlic bread AND dip!  Why is it that when food is free, we think the calories don’t count?

So I ended up eating some food, not that much actually, but enough to make my tummy feel bad and my mood feel worse.  I came home a little grumpy, mostly with myself, but that spilled over to my husband a little bit.  So I sat down this morning and wrote down this on a piece of paper:

When I eat chocolate mousse, garlic bread and chips/dip, it makes my tummy hurt and I feel bad about myself.

There’s something about writing things down that helps cement them in our mind.  I need to cement this moment in my mind.  I’m sure the next two months will be a smorgasbord of chocolate, bread and dip and I need to stay away from it.  Do I think everyone needs to avoid these things?  Of course not.  But I am 30 pounds overweight and I want to get my healthy body back.  That is one of my current missions.  So the chocolate, bread and dip really aren’t helping me achieve my heart’s desire.

Now I also don’t think food should make us feel bad about ourselves but that’s not what I was upset about.  I broke a promise to myself.  I had promised myself to make clean eating choices so I could get strong again.  I promised myself I would work hard for a healthy body so I wouldn’t have a hard of a pregnancy if my husband and I got pregnant again.

I also don’t think we should dwell on feeling bad about ourselves.  I chose to acknowledge that feeling, write it down and now I’ve moved on.  I’ve moved on and I’ve made a plan to have more resolve when I leave the house next time to face the free chocolate and bread and dip.  I believe one of the reasons moms are so anxious these days is because we’re alone in our homes and we let these negative thoughts setup shop in our heads.  We let them live there and we listen to them play over and over again.  We chew on them compulsively feeling as if we can’t stop.

Stop listening to those negative thoughts.  Write them down and then kick them out.  You are strong.  You are beautiful.  You know what’s best for you.  You can take charge of your choices.  You can leave all the free food on the table.  You can enjoy the holidays without the side of sugar.  You can make the decision to be a healthier version of yourself on January 1st instead of waiting to start then.

This is what I needed to hear today.  This is the tough love I wanted to help me shake me from my sugar trance.  I was a little caught off guard at the first party I’ve been to in awhile but I feel confident I’ll be stronger for the rest of the season!  Why?  Well I’ve hung up my size 8 pants in my room and I remember how awesome I feel when I can wear them!

Pick a bible verse that you can recite to yourself when you get stuck in tempting situations.  I really like this one:

“But I say, walk by the Spirit, and do not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16

Say your verse over and over again to help you remember the desires of your heart.  Think of the REAL reason you don’t want to eat that sugar whether it be so you can keep having a cheery attitude with your family or like in my case, I want a healthy body for when I get pregnant again.

Remember, when you don’t eat healthy food, or enough food, you will probably experience headaches and moodiness.  You need to take care of your body so you can take care of your kids.  Hydrate!  Keep healthy snacks in your purse.  You might be running around a lot in the next 6 weeks.  Don’t let yourself get caught out of the house with no choice but sugar or fast food which is sure you send your emotions soaring up and then crashing down.

Don’t be a crazy lady this holiday season.  Have a plan.  Be prepared.  Remind yourself how awesome it feels to be healthy and to make good choices!