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Most of you know I’m a big fan of www.brianjohnson.me.  I listen to his stuff all the time and he is the number one person I turn to when I ask myself, “What should I be reading next?”  So I was very excited when his wife was featured as a guest on his site talking about Mammahood 101.  I was really interested to see what the other half of Brian was going to be like and what drives her as a mother.

What little I had seen of her before had a lot of words like goddess, meditations, and affirmations so I was worried that her talk was going to be dripping with Eastern religion practices and things that weren’t going to jive with me as a Catholic mama.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!  She rocked this talk and so much of what she said really resonated with who I am and what I want to work on.  It was an hour long talk but I wanted to pull out one of her major points because I think it’s spot on for Catholic moms.

Motherhood is Holy work.  You are creating invisible art with everything you do.

This was such a fabulous idea.  And I think I’ve heard this said in many ways but for some reason, the phrase “holy work” really stuck out to me.  Yes, I am doing Holy work.  Right now, as I pick up the laundry, as I sweep the floors, as I brush Rose’s hair… I am doing Holy work.  I’ve talked about how we should all be striving for sainthood and that motherhood is for many of us, our pathway to pursuing this purpose but to have a phrase that we can use throughout the day, I think will help bring that home for many of us.

When you’re feeling frustrated, I want you to slow down and whisper to yourself, “I am doing Holy work.”  When something goes wrong or the kids are fighting or you’re feeling tired… tell yourself, “I am doing Holy work.”

You are doing the most important work that there is.  Without mothers, we’d obviously have nothing and we live in a world that wants to squash our importance and drown it out with noise.  Don’t let this happen in your heart.  Protect yourself.  Tell yourself again, “I am doing Holy work.”

I love the idea that we are also creating invisible art.  Perhaps it’s not entirely invisible because your mama friends know what you’re going through and all that you do.  But all those little things you do… all the skinned knees you kiss, all the times you make sure everyone gets the same number of jellybeans, the nights you pick up after everyone else has gone to bed… you are creating the most beautiful stained glass window or hand-sewn tapestry you could even imagine.

Just sit with that for a moment.

I love how Catholic that idea is.  One of my favorites parts of converting to Catholicism is the beautiful artwork.  Churches are so lovely.  The paintings are beautiful.  The statues and icons and gardens are a physical representation of Heaven to me.

And you mama, you’re creating a masterpiece.  You are creating a beautiful work of art.  And even if it’s invisible to the world, it’s not invisible to God.  He sees you.  He sees your work.  He sees how frustrated you get and how much you want to quit sometimes or toss your painting across the room… but you don’t.  You pick up your paintbrush and you keep doing your Holy work.

I have really been working on changing my attitude with my kids.  I’d say this has been a focus for me for the past six months.  I’ve been trying to minimize the times I rush them and make them feel like they’re doing something wrong when they’re not.  Obviously, hitting your sister and stealing her plastic horse is wrong.  I roll in on that.  But being a kid and finding joy and wonder in the world, is not wrong.

I don’t want to squash their spirit here.  Now sometimes I explain that you can find joy and wonder in the world without turning on the hose, that is a family rule, but I don’t get upset at them in these moments.

I also don’t rush them when we have to go somewhere.  I leave extra time for putting on shoes and looking at the flowers on the way out to the car.  It’s not like rushing kids actually helps get you places faster.  It just turns you into a momster with steam coming out of your ears and everyone a little more ruffled than before.

So I challenge you mamas to work on this.  Work on both understanding you are doing Holy work, you are creating invisible art and also that you can change your attitude about the exact same situations you’ve been struggling through and find peace in them.  Your children are a gift, their wonder is a gift and you’ve been given the great job of nurturing their curious minds.