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One aspect of Catholicism that I’m particularly drawn to is the many beautiful devotions that you can take up. You can pray your rosary every day. You can say the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3 p.m. You can pray the Angelus at 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. You can participate in First Saturdays. You can pray the Pieta prayers for 365 days.

As I’ve come to test drive some of these devotions, I have realized something. It doesn’t matter which devotion you choose, but you ought to choose one. By choosing a devotion and sticking to it for a predetermined amount of time, you are training yourself to be obedient to the Lord. You are flexing your discipline muscles.

When it comes time for you to pray, you can either let your worldly distractions get in the way, or you can drop what you’re doing and be obedient. Now this may sound difficult to do and it is, especially if you have little kids or are working in an office setting. It can be easy to put things off and then suddenly realize as you’re dozing off, that you forgot your devotion entirely. This is precisely why we must choose to be devoted to something.

It is good for our soul to pause, at least one time per day, and give ourselves to the Lord. We commit something to him and then we are faithful in carrying out our commitment. Not only does this please God but it will also add to your own self-esteem. The more you able to master yourself in the humble practice of whichever devotion you choose, the more you will feel the good kind of pride in knowing you put the Lord first.

Thankfully, the Catholic Church has provided so many different devotions to choose from that you can find one to fit your current lifestyle. In my opinion, the easiest is probably the Divine Mercy chaplet which takes about 7 minutes. Ideally, you would say this during the 3 p.m. hour but even if you just manage to say it daily at a time that works for you, this devotion is pretty easy to squeeze into your routine.

I have been really wanting to try out the Angelus prayer but as I’m currently waking up at unpredictable hours with a newborn, I know now isn’t the right time to tackle that particular one. This brings me to my second point, you don’t need to stick with the same devotion for a lifetime!

Sometimes I try one out for a month. Sometimes I try one out for the seasons of Advent or Lent. We don’t need to claim a devotion forever although you may find one that really speaks to your soul and continue it for a long time.

After you have mastered one, you may choose to add another. For example, I love saying my rosary so I often choose another devotion on top of that one to try. Fair warning, I do not suggest you try more than one new one at a time and if doing two gets overwhelming to the point where you’re doing neither, it’s time to simply pick one.

God wants our faith. He wants our attention. He wants to know He’s the most important thing in our life. Choosing and carrying out a Catholic devotion is a wonderful way to show Him how you feel.

Here are some great devotions to try out:

  1. Daily rosary
  2. Daily Divine Mercy Chaplet
  3. Five First Saturdays Devotion
  4. Marian Consecration (this one is for life so I would take a long time before committing to this)
  5. Wearing a scapular and praying the related prayers daily
  6. Liturgy of the Hours
  7. Pieta Prayers (these should be said daily for one year)

Here is a long list of Catholic devotions at My Catholic Source 

I promise you that being faithful to a devotion will change your life. It may not change it in the way you expect but it will definitely help you grow closer to God.

What devotion do you practice or have you practiced in the past? Is there one you’ve been thinking of trying out?