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I’m guilty of being part of the Catholic stereotype that says Catholics don’t read their bibles.  I went from reading my bible every day, writing in it, highlighting it, toting it around and smushing it in my purse when I was a Protestant to shelving my new Catholic bible and forgetting about it.  It wasn’t an active decision.  No one told me to stop reading my bible.  It just wasn’t something my friends were talking about… so I just stopped.

Now I’d like to think that I’m not susceptible to peer pressure.  And surely I’ve come a long ways since my teen years but the truth is, I still like to run with the pack and follow social norms.  If my friends are all talking about gluten-free recipes, I find myself typing it into Pinterest and even trying a few.  This isn’t a bad thing.  I learn about new hobbies and parenting techniques.  That’s what’s awesome about community – the sharing of ideas.

It becomes bad, however, when we stop doing good things simply because it’s not happening in our community.  The choices of our friends will never change the truth.  The truth is timeless and we must learn to be strong and stand up for the truth even when those around us disagree or worse, aren’t talking about it.

I see this concept playing out online as Planned Parenthood has a spotlight shining down on them.  The internet is taking sides and calling out those who are being silent.  People are being unfriended and fights are being waged in the combox.  As a culture, we have decided that this issue must be talked about.  But as we rally to defend the moral rights of unborn children, as we should, I wish our community would band together as strongly around the practice of reading our bibles as well.

Too many of us have become cultural Catholics, even well read Catholics, while letting our bible collect dust on a self.  Every time I slip away from this practice and come back to it, I discover that NOTHING feeds me more than what’s on those pages.  When I consistently read my bible everyday, it gives me such peace.  It almost feels surprising each time too.  I think, “Wow, that’s a great message!”  “How clever of Paul to mention that.”  “God really did put some helpful stuff in here.”

I’m currently reading 2 Corinthians and it’s filled with such love and such rich information.  I feel like it’s a guide to living because…. that’s exactly what it is. God left us this amazing resource and too many of us are chasing programs online and reading self-help books (note: I love self-help books!) but never opening The Good Book.

 Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ. – St. Jerome

I would like to issue a challenge to Catholic moms for the month of October.  Find your bible, dust it off, put it somewhere you will see it and commit to reading it EVERY SINGLE DAY for a month.  Even if you only read one page or one paragraph, don’t miss a single day.  Print off a calendar (Here is a free template), put it on your fridge and put a BIG RED X on every day you meet this goal.  Watch as the X’s fill up and see how God’s word changes your life.

If you’re like me, you’ll find that each day a scripture jumps out at you like God is speaking just to you.  And He is.   Underline it, highlight it, take a picture of it with your phone and Instagram it.  I want to start living in a community that talks about the scriptures again.  I want to hear my friends say, “You know, I just read something in my bible that might help you.”

When I read my bible, I challenge myself to read four pages.  So when my bible is open, I see two pages, then I turn the page, and read two more.  That’s it.  It takes me maybe 15-20 minutes to do that.  But wow, what an impact those four pages have. Every time I get busy and step away from this practice, doubt and darkness creep into my life.  Every time I get back to this practice, I feel the Lord’s light shining into my heart and helping me to find peace and make better choices.

So now that my baby is sleeping a little bit better, join me in picking up this habit again.  Find a friend to do take this challenge on with you. [tweetthis display_mode=”box”]Start putting scripture on your social media outlets to let the world know you read your bible every day.[/tweetthis] Let’s change the stereotype about Catholics.  We are a Christian religion.  We love Jesus and we read our bibles!

Check out my 31 Days to Become a Bible Reading Catholic page here!