Well perhaps this sounds a little silly but it really is the first step to becoming a bible reading Catholic.  Go find your bible.  If you don’t have one, go buy one.   Here is a list of Approved Translations of the bible for Catholics.   You can get a copy on your phone using one of many free Apps that feature bibles.  You can head to a used bookstore to see if you can snag a cheap used copy. My husband and I splurged one year and bought each other personalized bibles for Christmas from The Catholic Company.  Mine is red, monogrammed and I absolutely love it!


Now put your bible in a place where you’re going to see it everyday.  This changes for me depending on what season of life I’m in.  Before I had baby #3, I would keep my bible on my nightstand and read it in the morning.  Now, mornings are a little unpredictable and I use them for catching any extra minute of sleep I can.  So I moved my bible into my spiritual books basket where I can sit down and read my bible when my older girls are taking a nap.

Pick a place and leave it there.  Create a ritual around reading it everyday.  My husband says, “No bible, no breakfast, no bible, no bed,” and he absolutely sticks to that!  He has a comfy leather chair that he sits in and he reads his bible and the magnificat every morning and every evening.  I’m more of a “read the bible for at least 20  minutes per day” kinda girl and right now that happens to be in the afternoon.   So pick a time and a place and put your bible there.

Stick to your routine for the whole month of October and you’ll find that it will become part of who you are!

My Bible Reflection:

I love that my bible has an introduction to every chapter so today I learned that Paul wrote the letter to the Galatians around 54 AD as a defense against the Jewish community that was pressuring the Christians to adopt Jewish traditions and was claiming that Paul had no authority to teach the Christians.

“Am I now currying favor with human beings or God? Or am I seeking to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a slave of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

“But if I am building up again those things that I tore down, then I show myself to be a transgressor.” Galatians 2:18

I need the bible to remind me to be strong.  I need the tough love that Paul throws at me today.  I need to seek Jesus first and not worry about pleasing other people.  This is such a hard task for a Catholic mom.  We are designed to go out and love and take care of others.  We have an instinct to care for and please others.  But we must not let this come before our desire to please God.

Thanks Paul for keeping it real!