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I had the privilege of attending the St. Catherine of Siena Set the World Ablaze conference for Catholic women in Altadena, California this last week.  It was an uplifting weekend filled with laughter, inspiration, and delicious sandwiches. Because we don’t keep bread in my home, sandwiches have become like a fine dining treat to me!  And a sandwich bar where I can pick out all the things I want is especially delightful.

Back to Jesus. Meg Hunter-Kilmer was the first speaker.  I had heard of her and I knew people enjoyed her talks but I didn’t know anything about her.  She calls herself a “hobo for Christ.” She lives out of her car and travels around speaking to Catholic groups.  She doesn’t sleep in her car. She stays in people’s homes along the way.

Not only is her testimony of how God showed her love by asking her to let everything go and depend completely on Him wonderful, but she also talks about how we could all be better evangelists.  This is a topic near and dear to my heart and she is one of the best speakers I’ve seen address the subject.

Picture a 15-year-old girl who likes a cute boy who plays the guitar and she can’t shut up about him. – Meg Hunter-Kilmer

That’s how we should evangelize.  And she’s right.  Many of us have lost the spark of new love.  We have grown deeply in our faith but kept this beautiful journey to ourselves.  We are scared or nervous to talk about Jesus and or perhaps we are willing but don’t know where to start.

She made an excellent point that we don’t need to hit people over the heads with our Jesus message, we can simply open the door a crack and walk away.  When someone asks why you recently made a big decision, you can reply that you took it to prayer and through discernment felt that God was calling you to the specific path you chose.

That’s not hard to say. You can move on with your story without waiting to see if they were converted on the spot or watching to see if they want to try and take you down in a heated debate!

Work on using Catholic language in your everyday conversations: blessed, our blessed mother, mother Mary, prayer, praying, discernment, the Lord, the saints, Jesus, called by God etc.

You can use phrases like:

“I felt God calling me to…”

“I’ve been praying to the saints that….”

“Like our blessed mother….”

“Praise God, the weather is beautiful today!”

You can do this.  You can step outside of your comfort zone in a tiny way to open the door a crack and then walk away.  Plant Jesus seeds in the world.  Even the timidest of us can sneak these little words in so someone else can come along and water them.

One thing you can do is to invite Meg to come speak at your mom’s group, your youth group, your church or your next conference.  Just reach out to her and let her know you’ve got a place for her stay.  I promise she will speak the truth of Jesus to the hearts of the audience.

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Here is a link to her podcast where she also tells the stories of the saints for children!

How can you be better about sharing your faith? If God has changed your life, how can you tell your story to others?