Welcome to the first day of the Write 31 days challenge! Last year I wrote about 31 Days to Become a Bible Reading Catholic.  This year, I wanted to issue a challenge to Catholic moms.

The challenge: Intentionally Strive for Sainthood!

I know it’s a lofty challenge and for many of us, one we don’t even know how to begin.  But that’s exactly what I’m going to write about for the next 31 days.  You were made to become a saint. It’s the end that we should all be working toward. Few of us will ever achieve sainthood on Earth with our own feast days and icons. This is not the sainthood we are aiming for.

We are aiming to be saints in Heaven. When we die, we want to appear before Jesus and hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” By tuning into God (and I’ll tell you how to do that later), we can ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit about our unique path to sainthood.

I know this can sound like an overwhelming to most of us who are barely taking care of our housekeeping, our children and the long list of to-dos in front of us. But we must.

We were made for eternal life and our choices will determine where we spend eternity.  This isn’t like a term paper that you can put off. Sure, there are plenty of death-bed conversions but do you really want to take the chance?

I’m challenging to you live intentionally, specifically to strive for sainthood. I want you to bring Jesus into every decision you make.

As always, let’s begin by asking our Blessed Mother for help in our journey:

“Mary, I want to be a saint. I know that you also want me to be a saint and that it’s your God-given mission to form me into one. So, Mary, at this moment, on this day, I freely choose to give you my full permission to do your work in me, with your Spouse, the Holy Spirit.” Quote from 33 Days to Morning Glory

Let’s do this together. Let’s create a community of women who won’t be distracted by the glittery promises of the world. Let us strive for sainthood even though it’s going to be hard and we’re going to want to quit! I believe this is our purpose and I believe we can achieve it!

I have set up a Facebook group just for this purpose. If you want to chat with other Catholic moms who are striving for sainthood, join the group!

I’m excited about this 31 days. If you have any questions, throw them out there! We’ll be covering a lot in 31 days but it’s going to be great!

P.S. I wrote a whole book about this Catholic Mom Challenge, which you can get on Amazon!