Okay mama… next up in our challenge: Marian Consecration!

Consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary is a big deal but it’s something I believe every Catholic woman must do. I’m not suggesting you drop everything and do this today.  It’s something that requires discernment and preparation.  What I am suggesting is that you add this to your spiritual to-do list for sometime in the next year or two. I believe you can accomplish it within that amount of time.

The preparation for Marian consecration is only 33 days.  You can go through the easy, do-it-yourself, home retreat by reading 33 Days to Morning Glory.  I would highly suggest going through the workbook in addition to reading the small daily readings for the program.  If your church subscribes to, you can get access to this entire program for free!

While you can go through this program alone, I also suggest doing it with your spouse and a few other couples if possible.  Many churches go through this program once a year. Check around to find out your own parish’s upcoming retreat dates.  If they don’t have any, you might suggest they start the program.  It’s very easy to do and it’s a very effective way for growing stronger Catholic evangelists!

Here are some of the reasons I think Catholic mothers specifically should go through Marian Consecration:

  • We worry too much! Consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary gives you a place to dump all your worries.  Instead of chewing on them, you simply hand your concerns to Mary and ask her to take care of them. This sounds too good to be true but it’s amazing the faith you’ll have after going through this program.
  • Mary is the best teacher! As mothers, our hearts are pulled in many directions. By saying your consecration vows every morning, Mary teaches us to always be focusing on Jesus and she shows us the best way because she, herself, was the perfect mother.
  • We can never love Mary too much! We can never love Mary more than Jesus did. He is always pleased when we give our whole hearts to His mother. We honor her as he honors her. This doesn’t take anything away from Jesus. He is pleased when we do this.
  • Being a mother is hard! It can feel lonely, deflating, frustrating and a nearly impossible challenge sometimes. Who better to turn to than Mary, a mother who watched her own, perfect son, crucified on the cross? She helps us put our own suffering into perspective and helps us gain grace to live through our struggles by interceding on our behalf.
  • It’s great for marriage! If you can get your husband to do this challenge with you, it can be great for building up your marriage. Not only will your husband experience growth in his own relationship with Mary but it will help you, as a couple, bring Mary more into your marriage.

Going through Marian consecration was a life-changing event for me. I make the 33-day retreat every single year ending on November 21st. It is one of my biggest dreams to see all Catholic moms go through Marian consecration. This year I’m going to use True Devotion to Mary by Louis deMontfort to make my retreat.  I will definitely write up a post after I do that.

I believe that Catholicism would grow exponentially if all Catholic moms went through Marian consecration. Our hearts would be on fire for Jesus, this love would spread to our family, and then we would shine brightly in the world leading others to Christ. If you have not gone through consecration, make it a point to find 33 days to do this in the next two years. It only takes 20 minutes per day so I think you can handle it!


Sterling Jaquith

P.S. I write about Marian consecration in my book Catholic Mom Challenge: Striving for Sainthood in Everyday Mom Life!