The Fall Minimalism Challenge lasts for 40 days. It’s a compact version of the 8-week challenge, which you can find below. Follow along with the 40 day play that’s laid out. Use the resources (worksheets and videos) from the 8-week challenge if you’d like though this isn’t necessary!

You do not need my book Not Of This World to partiipate in the challenge but I will be making the Kindle version free from March 6-11th here:


8-Week Minimalism Challenge

This challenge officially started on January 8th but you can jump in at any time.

You may start with week one or you can dive in with the group.

We are currently in Week One: Master Bedroom! 

During this challenge, we will focus on one area of your home per week. There will be worksheets, videos, prayer, and lots of community support. Who doesn’t love a good before/after photo? Let the online Catholic community cheer you on as you tackle the stuff in your home and ultimately, the philosophy in your heart.

Less is more in this challenge and we’ll help you find more peace and freedom by detaching yourself from the piles of stuff and a calendar packed with appointments.

Follow the 8-week challenge at the Catholic Minimalism Facebook group or follow on email by sign up below! Click on each room for videos, resources, and worksheets!

>>Before You Begin Videos

>>Week One: Master Bedroom (Starts Jan 8)

>>Week Two: Bathrooms (Starts Jan 15)

>>Week Three: Kitchens (Starts Jan 22)

>>Week Four: Kid’s Rooms (Starts Jan 29)


Week Five: Catch Up/Troubleshooting (Starts Feb 5)

Week Six: Office (Starts Feb 12)

Week Seven: Living Room (Starts Feb 19)

Week Eight: Going Forward (Starts Feb 26)