day 16

I heard a priest once say that two of the best ways to encounter God is through music and in nature.  I have always found this to be true for me.  When I need to feel closer to God, sometimes I’ll put my kids in the car and we’ll drive around listening to Christian music.  Music has a way of touching my heart and bringing me closer to Jesus’ heart.

I also feel Him in the natural beauty of the outdoors.  In the quietness or in the soft sounds of animals and wind, I hear His whispers and I see the majestic beauty He has created for us.  It’s hard to deny the existence of God in such wonder.

So when’s the last time you took your bible on a hike and read the word of God under the sunshine?  Have you ever done this with your children?

I think we should all purpose to do this — and quickly — before the weather gets too cold.  I love crisp Fall days and I think it’s the perfect time to sit on a bench and soak up the words He is longing for you to read.


“Plans are made in human hearts, but from the Lord comes the tongue’s response. All one’s ways are pure in one’s own eyes, but the measurer of motives is the Lord. Entrust your works to the Lord and your plans will succeed. ” Proverbs 16 1-3

We’re changing things up with a little Proverbs today partly because Hebrews is a little difficult to make relevant and partly because I really needed these Proverbs today! I am a planner (read: worrier) and so I have elaborate ways of setting goals and keeping track of to do lists in my planner.

I need to hear that despite my planning and my hopes, that God has a plan for me.  That I need to pray and ask God to let His plan be the one I choose.  I am good at justifying what I want but that’s not the same thing as really discerning God’s will for me.  I must trust in Him and trust that His plan is better than I could ever imagine.

When I was younger I thought I wanted to date a cute indie guy in a rock band.  I would have never though I’d end up with a nerdy chemist.  But God knew my heart and He knew the kind of man I needed to lead me to Heaven.  I am thankful that I had some strong Christians in my life when I was single who helped me to understand how to use God’s measuring stick to find a husband and not the measuring stick the world recommends.

Maybe you’re feeling stressed about your future.  Maybe you’re confused about why God hasn’t answered some of your prayers.  I would highly recommend seeking God in nature.  There is wisdom that comes from the stillness and the peace.