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Summer can be a magical time of weddings, vacations, learning to swim, delighting in ice cream, and enjoying the world God has created for us. But for some of us, Summer isn’t as sparkly and fun as we think it ought to be. Here are three types of summers I’ve had that were less than pleasant.

  1. Summer of Littles
    When you have kids who are younger than four, Summer can be a time filled with crying, skinned knees, ungrateful whining, and cranky attitudes due to overstimulation. When you thought you were doing all the right things to create a magical summer, it backfires leaving you feel like a failure while nothing seems good enough for the kids or works out the way you thought.
  2. Overbooked Summer
    Whether you overbooked your own summer with vacations, swimming lessons, vacation bible school, and planned picnics or if a busy summer was thrust upon you by weddings, family expectations, and things “you’ve always done” and overbooked summer can be awful. It can feel like you’re drowning. If you don’t have any time to yourself, the joy gets sucked from these activities as you slowly lose your sanity.
  3. A Simple Summer (Feeling bad about doing so little)
    This is the summer I’m currently having. There will be no park play dates, no popsicles, no vacations and no swimming lessons. I’m on bed rest and we’re simply making it through. It can be so tempting to look at social media and think that everyone is having more fun than me but I know that’s not true. I also know that my kids are happy with their simple summer. They feel loved and safe and we’re all doing okay!