I’m pretty terrible at doing my hair.  I definitely had a punk rock phase in high school so updos weren’t high on my list of skills to acquire.  My go-to styles are straightened hair worn down, ponytail and messy bun… because you know… at least it looks like I tried a little.

But I have lately come to love clips in my hair, especially ones that look a little old fashioned.  When you clip your hair in the back, it suddenly looks like you “did” your hair even though it takes only a minute.  You can even leave them in the car and manage it at a stoplight… not that I’ve ever had to stoop to this ;o)

Lilla Rose is a company that sells lots of different clips.  They call them flexi clips and they’re really easy to work with.  The other thing I like about their clips is that they have some that are good for thick hair like mine or some that are good for super fine hair like my daughter’s hair.


I don’t love all the styles.  Some of them are matronly or a bit more… flashy than I like.  But there are others that have a beautiful vintage look to them and those are the ones I drool over.


They also have these You Pins that are like bobby pins you can hide. I haven’t tried them but they look really neat!



If you want to know more from Lilla Rose consultant Katrina Burbank and these products, she runs a Facebook group called League of Extraordinary Hair Candy.  It’s a closed group to keep out spammers so just request to join and they’ll accept you.  We’re doing a giveaway today of a clip of your choice.

This Celtic Cross is probably my favorite!

They’re having a big Black Friday sale.  I’m thinking of getting matching clips for me and my girls because they love having stuff that looks the same as their mommy!


Leave a comment about how you would feel pretty with a little more bling in your hair and I’ll pick a random winner on Tuesday!