day 13

My bible reading time is often my quiet time either in the morning or while my children are napping so I don’t usually speak the words out loud.  But, if you have never done it, I highly recommend it.  It may feel a little silly at first but quickly it will become more comfortable and more seriously.  There’s an eeriness about it.  It’s as if the gravity of the truth sinks into your body.  It’s a powerful thing.  It’s a good thing.

When I read the bible out loud, I picture Jesus speaking to the people or Paul, holed up in some dark room writing a letter to new Christians who desperately need his counsel.  Something about speaking the bible out loud makes me think of the times the bible was written in.  I feel instantly blessed that we live in a world where most Christians can go to Mass freely, that we have running water and professionals to make sure our children are born safely.

Reading the bible out loud also makes me feel very small.  Billions of people have lived and died since these words were first written and God loved each and every one.  He breathed each of us into existence and even though we tend to lead self-centered lives,  He sees us through the lens of all time!  Whew, read the bible out loud.  It gets deep!


” Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested.”

Sometimes I feel so far from Jesus because he was a single man without sin who KNEW God.  God spoke to him and he had his sinless mother to guide him through life as well.  What does he know of what I’m going through?  But it is precisely because of this, because God knew we would all be asking this question that He sent His only son to earth to die the most painful death possible.

Jesus knows what it is to suffer.  He knows how to experience that as a human.  He knows what physical pain is and he knows what fear and emotional anguish is too.  “Father let this cup pass from me.”  He never holds back his feelings or his worries from God.  He tells his father everything.  And then he let’s go and trusts.

That’s the part that’s hard for us, the trust.  We can’t see the big picture and we think that the small (though difficult) crosses we bear like kids crying over not getting the pink spoon or husbands who don’t give us the attention we crave or family members who antagonize us about our faith — like Jesus doesn’t really understand them.  But he does.  He understands more than we know.

It is us who refuse to understand or perhaps accept that God really does use all our moments to move us toward Heaven.  He works with us.  He’s constantly molding us.  He has  a plan for us and our children and their children.  We are among billions of Christians and He loves each and every one of us.

Try trusting Him a little bit more today and not just with the big stuff, but the little stuff too.  He’s not too busy.