how to rock your chores like an athlete

It was one of those ordinary days.  You know, I woke up feeling the weight of the day on me.  There was so much to get done.  I couldn’t even see the end of my to-do list.  Well, I couldn’t see it at all because it was just rattling in my head.

I could tell I wasn’t breathing much.  I kept holding my breath as I was mentally chewing on everything that needed to get done.  Then I’d let out a big exasperated sigh.

“No, I don’t have time to read books right now.”
“We can’t go to the park today, we don’t have enough time.”
“What do you mean you can’t find your shoes?  We don’t have time to look for them.”

As the day drug on, I wasn’t crossing many things off my list even though I felt like I was running around like a mad lady.  Suddenly it was 5:20 and that meant my husband was going to be home in ten minutes.  :::Sigh:::

I promised him I’d fold the laundry that was on our bed.  And I really wanted to do this for him.  Not because he’s a tyrant who guilts me into folding the laundry but because I love him.  He works so hard for our family and he should get to come home to a room that doesn’t have clothes piled high on our bed.  I wanted to love him with this one act that I had promised.

I looked at the clock.  Could I pull it off?  Could I fold all the laundry in 10 minutes? I dove right in.  I took out the big things first.  FOLD THE TOWELS.  Then I pulled out all the jeans and folded those.  My confidence was bolstered… the pile looked a lot smaller!  I did a quick sort of his, hers and kids things.  Then I quickly folded like items, pants, shirts, socks/underwear.

I hustled and put them away in the drawers and looked up at the clock.  I had three minutes to spare.


I had just done all the laundry in 7 minutes. This task, this heavy weight that had been pushing me down all day took…. 7 minutes.  I realized that I had been THINKING about doing the laundry about 10x as long as it took me to actually DO the laundry.

During the next week, I timed myself doing other tasks.  Now mind you, when you set a timer and you do a task on hustle speed, it’s intentional.  I wasn’t doing these chores at normal, hanging out, day dreaming speed.  I was like a house cleaning athlete!

Something amazing happened to me.  I realized that nearly ALL my tasks, my routine house chores, took less than ten minutes.  Many of them took just five minutes.  I used to spend so much time thinking about my To Do list, thinking that I could never do it all and I never realized that if I just hustled, I could get a surprising amount of work done in 30 minutes.  That’s all!

So now, in the morning, when I think about my big list of chores (especially the ones I don’t want to do…dishes..toilets…etc.)  I just pick one and I tackle it.  BOOM!  Toilets done.  Then if I’m feeling good, I’ll do another!

Don’t let the idea of your list keep you from diving in.  Most household tasks take 5-10 minutes.  And when you finish one… you’ll get a spring in your step.  You’ll feel more confident.  You’re building trust with yourself that you CAN manage your house and you ARE a good wife/mother taking care of your home for your family.

Let’s face it.  We are going to be doing a lot of dishes, a lot of loads of laundry and cleaning the toilets many times.  We might as well make a game of it so it takes us less time and feels exciting instead of living in the back of our minds all day making us feel bad about ourselves!

So dive on in.  Set a time.  Try to beat your own personal record.

Clean on ladies!  You rock!