Seven Quick Takes with Sterling Jaquith:

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1. Holy Moly! So many people came out for the Be Merry Workshop yesterday. We continue today and tomorrow. Click here if you want to register, it’s free!
2. Sauteed apples are the best. For a healthy snack, sautee some apples in butter, with a little bit of vanilla and cinnamon. One of our favorite Fall time snacks. I don’t even take the skins off cause I’m a lazy mom, y’all!
3. Did you know I’m a fantasy book nerd? I’m totally into Brandon Sanderson. I read his Mistborn trilogy, his Reckoners trilogy and now I’m reading the Stormlight saga which apparently, will be ten books. He’s basically ruined me for all other fantasy books.
4. I do also adore Regency romance though and it’s right about this time of year I pull out Pride and Prejudice, which I fully admit I do in part because of my love of You’ve Got Mail. Here’s the annotated version I enjoy!
5. I guess I’m in a book place because I also want to share that Rose Mary has finally gotten into Chime Traveler‘s. It’s these adorable book series where these kids ring a bell and end up in the time of a famous saint. They’re fabulous and I’ve been waiting forever for her to love them.
6. I unearthed my Fitbit Blaze (which I got used on Craigslist) this week and I’m trying to get better about moving my body all throughout the day. Yes, I get grumpy when I forget to put it on then I go up the stairs and it doesn’t count! Anyone else with me on that?
7. I keep changing my mind about educational apps for kids. I want one that either has no games on it or one that limits the game time. So if you have one that you like a lot that doesn’t allow kids to hang out in the game area for an unlimited amount of time, let me know!
Love you guys!