day 26

Don’t keep all that good bible lovin’ to yourself!  If you read something that moves you, share it with someone.  As you’re going about your day, mention what you read in your bible to a friend or a neighbor.  I’m hoping that if we start talking about all the bible reading we’re doing, it’ll be infectious and other people will want to join the Cool Kids Bible Reading Club!

Don’t be shy.  You don’t need to be a theologian to simply say, “Oh I read something that really inspired me in the book of Matthew today.”  You don’t even need to remember what it was.  Of course it might be more effective if you did remember but even if you don’t, just mentioning that it warmed your heart or gave you extra motivation to make good choices can have a positive impact on the person you’re talking to!

We’ve got to start a bible reading revolution!  I’ve never started a revolution before so I’m not sure how to go about doing it.  And I’m not sure if a revolution HAS to revolt against something since what I’d really like is to ADD something into everyone’s daily schedule.  So I’m not sure what all the steps should be but I know the first step is for you and me to become daily bible readers.  Let’s start there and see what happens!


“Now this is the message that we have heard from him and proclaim to you: God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all.” John 1:5

First I love that this starts out saying that this is a message they have heard from God.  How cool must it have been to be one of those apostles who were blessed by the Holy Spirit and to actually speak with Jesus and to know the will and truth of God!  Second, I love this phrase, “God is light.”  I’ve been feeling a little run down lately.  My energy has been zapped and I’ve been letting the darkness creep in.

Sometimes, even now, after all this time, I still think, “Lord, what can I do about this?”  But that’s why I read my bible.  To have simple reminders like “God is light.” He is the light I need in my life.  He will chase away the darkness.  I need to fill my heart with Him and there will be no room for anything else.  The answer is always MORE JESUS!  And when I think I don’t have any extra time for Jesus, it’s time to cut something out and put Him back in.

We will always need Him the most.  He is always the answer to our pain.  When we truly align ourselves with Him, it’s not that things get easier but rather we find the strength and to endure with peace.