One of my favorite things to do is to speak in front of people. Strange, I know, but it’s always been something that brings me joy! I speak because I believe it’s a gift that God has given me and what He has asked me to do with my free time.


Here’s what you can expect when you book me:

  • Prompt communication. I know you’re planning an event and that can be stressful. I make sure that I’m easy to access via email or text when you need your questions answered.
  • A polished talk. Public speaking is a skill. I don’t wing it. I pray fervently before crafting a talk and I practice it so it’s smooth and enjoyable for the event attendees.
  • Budget conscious planning. I know keeping costs down is important. I’ll look for inexpensive flights and I’m happy to stay at someone’s house and even sleep on a couch! I mean it. I’m here to share my love of God, I’m not looking for a vacation.
  • Few requirements. I ask that I have something to write on like a white board or some butcher paper. I also ask that a table be setup where I can sell my books. If I’m giving a workshop, I’ll ask that some handouts be printed before I get there. That’s about it!


I’d love to come speak at your parish or to your group.  Here are some talks I have prepared but I’d be happy to tailor a talk specifically for your group. I most often give talks to Catholic women, Catholic moms, and Catholic homeschoolers. Whoever the audience is, I will tailor the talk specifically to them and your event theme!

Striving For Sainthood

We have heard that we are called to be saints but what does that look like in day-to-day life as we’re trying to tackle our very real to-do list? Discover how we can be saints right where God has planted us and it doesn’t have to be grand or resemble the life of a nun! We’ll discuss practical ways to turn ourselves to God throughout the day and pursue holiness in our given vocations.

Less Is More – Catholic Minimalism

My new book Not Of This World is coming out in September! It’s a guide for how to embrace minimalism and why I believe this is something all Catholics do. We must learn to live intentionally and that includes how we spend our time, our money, and what we choose to keep in our homes. I specifically address challenges of large families and homeschooling families when it comes to managing all our stuff!

Be Merry!

The holidays can be a difficult time as we navigate family relationships, traveling, finances, and fighting our ever consumer driven society who keeps squeezing in presents and pushing out Jesus. Discover practical tips for how to avoid anxiety and depression this holiday season and cling to Christ and our beautiful Catholic traditions instead. Based on my book Be Merry.

The Devil is Real Ladies, Act Accordingly

There is a war against women in our culture.  We are told that we can “have it all” and do everything and yet many of us feel as if we’re drowning.  Instead of thriving, we’re barely surviving and our lives are filled with doubt, anxiety and depression.  This is a war being waged by the devil and we need Jesus if we’re going to be strong enough to resist these attacks.  This talk focuses on how to use scripture as a weapon to build up the natural strength of women and to resist the negative messages we’re receiving in our culture today.  This talk is 45 minutes and includes a handout that women can fill out after the talk.

How to Overcome Spiritual Dryness

Every Catholic will experience spiritual dryness.  We know this is true.  But what we don’t often know is how to get through it.  Often it’s a time that we feel far from God or completely alone.  This talk focuses on recognizing a season a spiritual dryness and gives practical steps for getting through it.  This talk  is 40 and then is followed by participants receiving a worksheet that takes 10 minutes to get through.

Dare to be Catholic Workshop

This talk is about living out our faith everyday.  Sterling talks about the importance of Planning to Grow, Getting Back to Basics, Creating an Amazing Parish and New Evangelization!  Members will get a worksheet to fill out to Make A Plan for their own journey to Dare to be Catholic.  This talk is 45 minutes long or can be run as a 2 hour long workshop.

Sterling’s Conversion Story

This talk covers the details of Sterling’s conversion from atheism to Protestantism to Catholicism.  She talks about the lukewarm beginning she had in the Catholic church and what it finally took for her to fall in love with the Catholic tradition.  This talk is funny and real.  It doesn’t sugarcoat the negative views non-Catholics have about Catholicism and it includes Five Reasons To Be Catholic (even when it’s not fun.) This talk is 50 minutes long.