Here’s what I’m up to this week between Christmas and New Years!

1. Webinar Replay here >>>

2. Free Worksheets at the bottom of

3. Awesome carafe that keeps your tea/coffee hot all day! 

4. Habit Tracker:

5. Catholic Weight Loss Companion For Emotional Eaters

6. Trying so hard to hang on until Epiphany! I will not put the decorations away today. I will not put the decorations away today. It’s really my husband’s fault for taking the kids camping… it’s so quiet and I just want to CLEAN!

7. Did you all add things to your Catholic Life Notes? I put that I really want to do fettuccini alfredo next year on Christmas Eve. My husband said the crunchy flour he bought was terrible for our Christmas cinnamon rolls so we won’t be using that again. I also forgot to bring out the two noise making Christmas books we have and I felt slightly bad about that so I’ll set a reminder on my phone for next year!

P.S. I’m embarrassed that I’m so excited for the Reputation Tour Taylor Swift video on Netflix coming New Year’s Eve.