I’m taking a small break from regular Coffee & Pearls podcast episodes to bring you the Striving For Sainthood Class Series! It will feature twenty classes about how to try and become a saint in the mess of everyday life! Each class is an audio file, you can get them easily by downloading the Coffee & Pearls podcast to your phone. They are just 20 minutes and you can listen while you fold the laundry! This class series is based on the information (plus extras) found in my book Catholic Mom Challenge!

You can also listen to each class here online below!

Catholic Moms Can Change the World

Forming New Habits That Stick

Cultivating Willpower

Time To Be A Scientist

CMC Worksheet Review

When It All Goes Wrong

Signs You're Out of Tune

Overcome Common Obstacles

Surviving Survival Mode

Cultivating Joy and a Positive Attitude

Catholic Mom Manifesto

Marriage, Oh Marriage

Become A Bible Reading Catholic

Find a Prayer Type That Works For You

How to Just Resume

Confession and Adoration

Virtues for You And Your Family

Discipline Yourself And Your Children

Women Are Amazing