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Okay, these are more like notes instead of a whole blog post… because… new baby… and hunting season!

Starting in October I do no candy. Then I do no desserts for November and December other than two days for Thanksgiving and two days for Christmas. Why? Because of bright lines.

Sometimes…. becomes all the time.

Be strong. Your health is not worth 30 seconds of happiness.

You know how they find cancer. They have you drink sugar water and watch where it spreads.

Sugar is cancer food.

Sugar is cancer food. Let that sink in.

This isn’t about weight loss. It’s about overall health.

I feel almost as strongly about refined white flour but it’s extremely hard to kick both things at the same time, so focus on sugar first! Get a buddy and talk about how stinkin’ hard it is!

You are a crazy person when you don’t sleep. Okay maybe no crazy, but your judgment is seriously impaired. You’re more likely to get angry, sad, and to make rash decisions that you will regret.


Sleep Management

Sleep deprivation is an actual form of torture for soldiers!

Digital sunset. Take melatonin. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate before bedtime.

I know, it’s rough but your sanity is important.

If you’re in a season of no sleep… first, ask yourself, is that really true? Can you still make improvements? For example, I have a newborn but I’m still an aggressive sleep trainer. Are you making it worse somehow?’

Often when we’ve had a stressful day, we do all the worst things that night thwarting our chance of a good night’s sleep. I’m talking about staying up late, drinking a glass of wine, eating chocolate ice cream and watching extra tv right before bed!

Can you turn your sleeplessness into something positive? If you’re up anyway, pray your rosary then. Talk to Jesus. Then you don’t need to do that during the day.


The Book of Sirach

Why do I like this book from the Bible so much? Because it’s a kick in the pants! This book talks about what true Wisdom really looks like.

The fear of the Lord rejoices the heart, giving gladness, joy, and long life. 

My child, when you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials.

Consider the generations long past and see: has anyone trusted in the Lord and been disappointed?

So many more good quotes. This is definitely a book that I lean on in times of stress or confusion.