sterling is still pregnant summer extravaganza

I’m spending more time in bed waiting for this baby to come early September so I thought I’d use that time to help you!

Let’s connect through: Catholic Women Shine, Digital Minimalism, or the Catholic Minimalism Challenge!


Catholic Women Shine

This goal setting planner and course will keep you on track to focus on what’s most important.

Planner is on sale for only $25 in July!


Digital Minimalism Course

NEW course release on July 19th! Cure your Amazon Prime Sale hangover with this 30-Day Challenge to take back control of your screens and focus more on your goals and values!


Catholic Minimalism Challenge

Starting July 22nd, we will be spending three weeks declutter the house and then three weeks decluttering the garage! You do not need my book to take part of the challenge!

Join The Free Challenge Here

“Being a Christian is not for the faint of heart;
it is a radically dramatic response to the most radically
dramatic event in all history.

– Chris Martin, Made For More