bible_timeline_bundleIf you have the money, a sweet hookup, or access to your parish’s copy, I would highly recommend The Bible Timeline by Jeff Cavins.  My husband did the audio version in the car on his commute to work and loved it.  It gives a great perspective for how all the different events of the bible fall into place.  It also helps link the Old Testament and the New Testament so you understand how they are connected and really part of God’s plan.

Let’s face it, the bible can be confusing.  Who did what?  When did that happen?  Why did they do that?  There are a lot of cultural differences and time gaps and time leaps… oh my.  This program helps bring clarity to it all.

One of the biggest weaknesses we have as Catholics is our lack of knowledge about the bible.  And quite frankly, it makes us look dumb.  Are we dumb?  Of course not.  We’re so happy with the Eucharist and our traditions that we don’t often feel the need to know the bible in and out.   Do you need to know the bible in and out to be a good Catholic?  Of course not!  BUT… if we’re trying to make a big splash in this world and win souls for Christ and empower our families to truly live out the Gospel… it’d help a lot of we knew our bibles better.  And that’s really the point of this whole series.

It’s time we stop letting Protestants and Mormons outdo us in bible education!  We need to make this a priority.  And you know what… you’re going to grow.  It’s going to bring you peace.  It’s going to help God work in your life the way He wants to.

A little tough love today but well… I love you!


“The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” James 5:16

I’ll be honest, I read a lot of books and go to a lot of Catholic events and sometimes something sticks with me so strongly that I always remember it… but I don’t always remember where it came from.  This is one of those things.  I think it was a talk and someone was describing the power of having a prayer warrior in your family.  That people who have great conversion stories or who do great things probably have a a great prayer warrior within a few generations of their family.

I love this idea.  I want so badly to be that woman – a prayer warrior!  I’m a doer and I like to see big flashy results so it’s hard for me to humble myself, sit in my comfy chair, pray and realize that small act is also truly powerful.  I pray for my daughters, for their vocations, for their spouses, for their children and for their children’s children.  I pray that God give them strength and love and that He make saints out of all of them.  God bless Blessed Zelie and Louis Martin for showing us that we can truly hope and pray for something so big!

Don’t worry that your actions seem small ladies.  Be a prayer warrior for your family.  That has great power and can echo God’s love through the generations of your family!