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I’ve been a in a big purgatory place since Advent. As a former Protestant, I didn’t know a lot about purgatory. Then once I knew about it, I kind of left it in the background. Then when I was going through a Faustina phase, I stumbled upon Susan Tassone’s book St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Conversion of Sinners. This was a perfect little book for me because most of my family is not religious and it gave me a tangible and focused way to pray for them!

Then once I discovered Susan as an author, I looked at her other books. She had tons of books on the topic of purgatory. The first one I started with was Praying With The Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I loved this book. It really helped me understand more about purgatory but also the great joy that can come from praying for the holy souls there.

You see, they cannot do anything to get themselves to Heaven. They are trapped in a sense depending on the mercy of the Lord and depending on our prayers. When we pray for them, it can actually lessen their time in purgatory or even release them to Heaven. What joy we could give!

There’s something really satisfying about praying and imagining the great work it is accomplishing. And that is not a new concept to me. I have always offered my prayers and sufferings to Mary to do with as she pleased and that is still true for everything I do since I”m consecrated to Jesus through Mary but I have a simple mind and it helps me to imagine something straightforward like saying a special purgatory prayer and bringing joy to one person.

The most souls are released on Christmas Day and the second most souls are released on Easter Day. So please please please pray for these holy souls during Lent and pray especially for them on Easter Day. I also imagine there are a great deal of souls released on Divine Mercy Sunday when Jesus opens his heart in a special way to hear our appeals for his mercy!

One of the most powerful things we can do for the holy souls in purgatory is to have a Mass said for them. You can call your church office and find out what the suggested donation is to have a Mass said for someone. If you belong to a large church and the Mass intentions book fills up quickly, find a rural church and make a donation to them. It’s a wonderful win all the way around. The church prays for these holy souls and you can help a smaller church get some much needed funding.

If you visit you can have a Mass said by one of the Servants of Charity.

I was going to type up some purgatory prayers but The Catholic Company already did a wonderful job so you can read about those options here:

I encourage you to go and learn more about purgatory. I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned with my children. After all, if Our Lady of Fatima felt comfortable showing a vision of hell to young Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, I believe our children can handle hearing about purgatory, which really is another extension of God’s mercy. We have now been praying for them every day and we say a prayer for them when we pass a cemetery.

A good place to start is to Google, “saints and purgatory.” I found that the stories of the saints who had mystical experiences with souls in purgatory were the most interesting and compelling to me. These stories helped me understand, not only the great need the holy souls have for our prayers, but also the great effectiveness of our prayers, which has been giving me comfort.

Here is a link to Susan’s books She’s known in the Catholic world as The Purgatory Lady! I’m very impressed with her ministry and the clarity of her mission. She doesn’t use social media so we have to spread the word for her! You can read more about her at

I’m praying for you mamas. It’s hard to be a mom these days and hard to be a Catholic. Let us offer up these battles we’re fighting and the suffering we experience every day for the holy souls in purgatory. Let us feel that our small, unseen efforts are helping those who cannot help themselves!

God bless!