day 20

Let’s face it, we’re busy, we’re on the run and most of us have an unhealthy attachment to our cell phones!  But the least we can do is turn our electronics dependency into a vehicle for reading more scriptures!

Here is a great article on Five Free Catholic Apps.  I don’t know how they don’t have Laudate listed since that’s free and my favorite so here’s a link to that one!  Here’s another one from Lighthouse Catholic Media.

While I encourage people to put their phones down and actually pick up a physical bible, I recognize that this is better than nothing.  Sometimes I’m stuck in the car waiting for my husband or an oil change or the baby to wake up and it’s handy to have apps like these on my phone to reach for.


“Know this, my dear brothers: everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath, for the wrath of a man dose not accomplish the righteousness of God.” James 1:19

This is one of my favorite scriptures from the book of James.  It’s a hard one to hear though.  As an adult, I never really thought of myself as an angry person or someone with a temper.  But then I went and had some kids….

Whew!  It is hard not to raise your voice or get angry when you have little kids that do the most ridiculous (and not in a funny way) thing that destroy your house and your patience.  It’s even harder to keep a lid on this when these trying things happen ALL DAY LONG.  But God does not want us to yell at our children.  I am strict with my children but I work very hard not to yell at them or speak to them in anger.  I may use a serious voice and explain to them that they made a very bad choice and there will be a consequence but I try not to yell at them.

If I find that I am angry.  I will tell them politely to go to their room and I let myself calm down before I go deal with them.  I know that being angry just teaches them that anger is okay.  And being angry is not okay.  Well, righteous anger is okay but we humans are very rarely righteously angry.

I think moms have gotten tricked into thinking that our children will love us even if we yell at them in anger and so we allow ourselves to give into this emotion.  And while it is true that they will still love us, the lessons we are teaching them will stay in their hearts.  They will learn to treat their own children like that.  We must show them how to be polite and respectful and that starts with us treating them respectfully.

If you struggle with this, I would highly recommend two things:

  1. Listen to this awesome talk! 

  2. Read this amazing book!

That’s all for today folks!  Wishing you a peaceful and content week with your children!