Day 7I think some people have this idea that a bible is a sacred thing (which it is) and that means you can’t harm it in anyway.  It must be pristine without any crinkles, no dog eared pages and certainly not marks in it.  But that’s not how I think of my bible at all.

My bible is a tool.  I think of it as a weapon.  It’s my shield against the world.  It’s what turbo charges me and gives me the strength to tackle another day.  And because I have a very scattered brain, I NEED to take notes so I can remember all the good stuff.  I do this in two ways.

Highlight/Underline what moves you

I keep a pen or a highlighter with me every time I read my bible.  I underline or highlight things that catch my attention.  These are usually either things that speak to my heart and give me a warm and fuzzy feeling for Jesus or things that really challenge me.  Every time I reread a section of the bible, I enjoy seeing these scriptures pointed out to me.  It’s like I’m having a conversation with my past self.  I reflect on how much I’ve grown and at the same time realize, how much I still need the help of those passages.

I think it’s cool if you pick one color each year to use in your bible.  I’ve only had mine for a year so I haven’t switched colors yet. I make my underlines with a blue pen.  Next year I want to use a red one and then I’ll use a blue one.  I thought this would be a neat way of seeing what different things popped out at me throughout the years.

My friend and evangelist Richard Lane ( recently posted a picture of his bible at adoration.  I couldn’t seem to find it but it was a great picture of his bible and it was filled with highlights and notes.  And I thought, “That’s why he is so on fire for God because he is an active participant when he sits with the word of God.”

That brings me to my second strategy.

Take Notes

If a particular passage makes me think of a way that I could be a better mom or a better wife, I make note of that in the margins.  My new bible has very small margins so I have to write in teeny tiny letters.  I’ve also been keeping my journal nearby and making my notes in there with the quote of scripture I’m referencing.   So wherever you want to take notes, in your bible or somewhere else, make sure you do it!  This will help gel the ideas in your mind and keep them in your heart throughout the day!

Jenny also writes about taking notes and listening to music while bible reading in her article here  I’m going to try listening to music and letting you know how it goes!


“Nevertheless we urge you, brothers, to progress even more, and to aspire to live a tranquil life, to mind your own affairs, and to work with your own hands, as we instructed you, that you may conduct yourselves properly toward outsiders and not depend on anyone.” I Thessalonians 4:10-12

In this modern day, many of us often wish for an easy life.  We want to lounge around and relax.  We seek entertainment and efficiency in our days.   We are always looking to save time.  But for what?

Jesus made us to work.  We are our happiest when we feel useful.  That’s not an accident and yet so many of us fight this idea.  I’m guilty of this.  I avoid hard work thinking that it will be…. well hard.  I don’t like pain or being uncomfortable.  And yet, when I really push myself, when I complete a project that used my blood, sweat and tears, I feel satisfied.  I feel proud of my hard work.  I feel like I have honored God with my time.

Now that is not to say that we shouldn’t also relax.  God made the Sabbath for this reason.  But when we make our aim to relax without having preceded this with work, it has an empty feeling to it, it’s tasteless, it’s not filled with genuine joy.  Don’t be scared of a hard day’s work.  Seek to really USE the whole of this day that God gave you.  It will bring you more peace.