what to read in the bible part IIYesterday we talked about reading the Proverbs every day.  Today I want to talk about another common way to read the bible and that is to read the Gospels.  Matthew Kelly says that reading the Gospels for 15 minutes a day for a year will change your life and it’s absolutely true.  Reading about Jesus’s life and actually reading the words that he said is so powerful.

I tend to turn to this way of reading the bible when I’m feeling far away from Jesus.  When I feel alone and in the darkness, I know I can turn to the Gospels and hear His voice and feel His warmth.  I usually do this for a month before choosing a different way to read the bible but it’s amazing that every time I turn to the Gospel I see more truth, more gems hidden among the words like Jesus is speaking directly to me.

I’m always surprised by both how compassionate Jesus is but also how strong He is when he’s telling people what to do.  We think of him as a mushy, love guy sometimes but we forget that He was asking people to convert completely – to fully give themselves over to God.  No gray space, no bendy lines.  His teachings were tough and I find that I need to be reminded of that.


“Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil.” Ephesians 6:10

Two things we can’t hear enough, “draw strength from the Lord” and ” stand firm against the devil.”  I talk often of sharpening your Catholic tools and this is the way we prepare for battle.  We go to confession, to Mass, pray our rosary, go to Adoration etc.  We must use these Catholic tools that God has given us to make us strong.  These are the ways we draw on strength from the Lord.

And we need this strength because the devil is all over our world.  He’s in the television, he’s at the mall, he’s in the magazines, he’s on the radio and he’s got spies everywhere.  The second we forget about the devil is the second he starts setting up camp in your life.

I saw Leah Darrow speak tonight and she said, “Life without God is exhuasting.”  This is so true and I remember to clearly running the rat race of life and seeking worldly success but running on fumes.  Without Jesus we have no peace.

If you’re exhausted, take a moment and examine your prayer life.  Are you spending time with Jesus so you can draw strength from Him?  If you’re too busy, what can you cut out so you can make Him more of a priority?