day 18

It was four years ago and my oldest wasn’t even a year old yet.  I was a lonely, stay-at-home mom and I felt both overwhelmed and under stimulated.  I couldn’t do what needed to be done and yet I wanted something else to do!  I went to the priest at my church and told him about this struggle I was having.  He made a fantastic recommendation to me.

He said, “Sterling, why don’t you create a handwritten version of the four Gospels?  Write them out when you want something to do and it will make a beautiful present to your daughter someday.”

How moving!  What a beautiful gift!  I haven’t completed it but I do intend to do this for all my children.  It’s a wonderful way to reflect on the Gospels as you’re righting them.  And I’m hoping that my girls will appreciate this labor of love.  I thought of giving it to them when they have their first baby.  I’ll post when I’m all done — maybe even writing this blog post will give me the kick in the bottom I need to finish that project.


“Strive for peace with everyone, and for that holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14

As we head into the holiday season, the idea that we should “strive for peace with everyone,” is such an important reminder.  Too many of us feed into dramatic family situations and give in to the temptation to judge and hold on to bitterness.  Whether we do it in person or simply in our hearts, we must make peace with every person, everyone in our lives.  The holidays are a great time to do this because we are often forced to be with those who have wronged us or hurt us in some way.

The other piece of this scripture is also very important.  “Strive.. for that holiness…”  We often convince ourselves that only God is holy or the saints are Holy and we couldn’t possibly be holy.  And as humans, perhaps we can’t have perfect holiness but we can always be striving for it; working to be as holy as we possibly can be. Don’t buy into the lie that you cannot be holy.  That is precisely what God wants us working for, to be more like his Son, Jesus.

This holiday season I wish you to make peace with everyone and to strive for holiness.  What an impression Catholics can make on the world this year if we just focus on these two things.

I have created a program called Be Merry that focuses on this very thing!  I am launching this three video series on Monday, October 19th.  It’s a FREE series, you just have to sign-up to see them.  I hope you’ll join me there and leave some comments so we can help each other find peace and genuine joy this year for the holidays!

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