Here is the latest Coffee & Pearls Podcast:

I’m sorry to say that this week’s podcast does not come with a complete blog post! I’m super pregnant, still on bed rest and I just don’t have the heart to type it all out…nor the ability to write in coherent sentences! So here are some bullet points about this latest podcast:

  • This is the longest I’ve been pregnant and boy is that emotionally rough!
  • I love the idea of redemptive suffering but it’s a lot easier to offer up physical pain than it is emotional pain.
  • It’s harder to pin down emotional pain so we don’t often think to offer it up.
  • We also feel as if we should control our emotions so we don’t feel that emotional suffering is “worth” offering up… this simply isn’t true. God wants all of our suffering.
  • We all get angry at God. He knows this. We know this. And yet so often, we never tell Him that we’re angry.
  • God wants a true and genuine relationship with Him and that includes telling him all the ugly stuff we think about Him. “Why God? How could you do this to me? I hate you right now! I’m so angry that you think I can handle this! Why haven’t you sent help!!”
  • Spill your guts to Him and then… finally… and probably after you ugly cry… when you say, “Thy will be done Lord. I trust you” you will really mean it.
  • Clean out your heart by sharing all your ugliness with the Lord and invite Him in after. He wants to give you healing but you have to let Him and the best way to do that is to be completely honest with him!

Lastly, a big shout out to all the Coffee & Pearls listeners! In the last three months, my downloads have gone from 3,000+ to 5,000+ and finally to 7,000+ in June! That means you’re telling your friends and leaving reviews and I really appreciate it. I love what we’ve all built here and I hope to keep bringing you all my struggles and lessons learned in 15 minutes a week!