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Planning and working from peace is possible.

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  • You don’t need a fancy social media system.
  • You don’t need to learn Facebook ads.
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"She constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner."

When I started working with Sterling I was a brand new coach with zero clients, made zero dollars in my business, and had very little confidence! Six months later I have made over $20k as a coach, have more consults than I have spots in my schedule for, am expanding into podcasting, and am in the process of creating a group for my niche! 

I am beyond grateful for the time, effort, love, and massive belief that Sterling has had in me since day one! She is the calm support that I sometimes fail to provide myself. She is the strength when my doubt is too heavy and she constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Made for Business and the Holy Spirit lead business coaching that Sterling provides! Thank you, Sterling!!!

- Gina

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