How to Discern God's Will for Your Business

When you feel overwhelmed or discouraged about your business, it's hard to do good work.

Come learn how to pray about your business overall and how to pray about very specific decisions within your business. Once you hear what God wants you to do, business gets way easier.

This simple 15-minute video about discernment will be a game-changer in your business.

PLUS Bonus questions for you to pray about for whatever stage of business you’re in: 

– Should I start a business?

– Should I grow my business right now?

– Should I scale my business?

"She constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner."

When I started working with Sterling I was a brand new coach with zero clients, made zero dollars in my business, and had very little confidence! Six months later I have made over $20k as a coach, have more consults than I have spots in my schedule for, am expanding into podcasting, and am in the process of creating a group for my niche! 

I am beyond grateful for the time, effort, love, and massive belief that Sterling has had in me since day one! She is the calm support that I sometimes fail to provide myself. She is the strength when my doubt is too heavy and she constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Made for Business and the Holy Spirit lead business coaching that Sterling provides! Thank you, Sterling!!!

- Gina

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