31 days imageI am so excited to take on the October challenge to Write For 31 Days!  I have decided to write about becoming a Bible Reading Catholic since I believe it’s one of the best (and easiest) ways we can grow as a Catholic community. I know I have let this habit slip lately after having a new baby but it’s time for me to pick it up again and I’d love to take you all along with me for the journey!

Each day I will let you know my thoughts about what I read in my own bible and also tips for integrating this practice into your own life!

October 1st: Go Find Your Bible
October 2nd: Pick a Place and a Routine
October 3rd: What to Read in the Bible: Part I
October 4th: What to Read in the Bible: Part II
October 5th: What to Read in the Bible: Part III
October 6th: What to Read in the Bible: Part IV (last part!)
October 7th: Time to Take Some Notes
October 8th: Light A Candle
October 9th: Begin With Prayer
October 10th: Take a Verse With You
October 11th: Preparing Your Heart for Mass
October 12th: Read A Whole Book
October 13th: Read the Bible Out Loud
October 14th: Join A Bible Study
October 15th:  Follow With Silence
October 16th: Out In Nature
October 17th: On Your Knees
October 18th: Write The Gospels
October 19th: With A Child
October 20th: There’s An App For That
October 21st: The Bible Timeline
October 22nd: Enjoy the Magnificat
October 23rd: Just Do It
October 24th: Blessed Is She Devotionals
October 25th: Read With Mary
October 26th: Share With Others!
October 27th: Reading vs Studying
October 28th: Read a Children’s Bible
October 29th: Like a Letter
October 30th: Ask A Priest
October 31st: Pray About It