I MADE A BOOK FOR YOU! I’m so excited.  But before I give it to you, let me tell you why I made it. (If you’re impatient like me, scroll to the bottom to get the book!)

It’s that time of year again.  We’ve been hiding in our pajamas and Christmas sweaters, eating cheese and chocolates and hoping all the walking we did in the mall is enough to counteract the calories we’ve devoured.  It wasn’t.  We already know that.  So it’s New Year’s, the annual “everyone decides it’s time to get healthy” rush.  Gyms will be packed.  Weight Watchers meetings will be filled.  Scales will be dusted off and met with grumbles.

And for some, a little clean eating and little extra exercise is enough to lose those holiday pounds and go on with life.  But for people like me, for Emotional Eaters, it’s not quite so easy.

I’m an Emotional Eater.  I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old.  I eat unhealthy food when I want to celebrate my wins, I eat unhealthy food when I want to console myself through failures and sufferings. Drinking an eggnog latte to me is like hugging her favorite stuffed animal is to my three year old.  It gives me comfort.  It’s an outlet for joy and pain.

I have no doubt that there are REAL chemical things happening in my brain that keep this connection strong.  I eat unhealthy food and BING it makes me feel better.  But the feelings are short lived.  The toll it takes on my body lasts much longer and hurts me far worse than whatever little thing I was consoling myself over.

I still struggle with this.  I will probably struggle with this for my whole life.  It’s an addiction and unfortunately, unlike many addictions, I can’t go cold turkey… I still have to eat.  So it becomes a dance. I have to play games to keep myself on track.  I have to use systems to remind myself that even though eating a pizza does feel like happiness, it’s really not.

I have some hope though.  Since I’ve become Catholic, I’ve become the most healthy version of myself that I’ve ever been since I was that chubby 10-year-old girl.  No, I’m not particularly thin but I’ve also been pregnant six times in five years, given birth to three beautiful daughters and I’m net down 40 lbs.  I’d say that’s pretty good!

I couldn’t have done it without Jesus and I couldn’t have done it without a few tricks and systems to keep me on track.  So I wrote down all the keys to my success in a booklet and I’ve made it into a free PDF for you.

There are two version of this PDF.  The first is just a regular old document that you can download and read.  The second is in a booklet format that will allow you to print it out, staple it together and keep it in your purse.  That’s one of the keys to my success, always having a reminder with me of my goals and how losing weight relates to my desire to become a saint. I hope this booklet gives you the same focus so you can tackle your emotional eating habits and learn to lean on Jesus instead during times of celebration and times of suffering.


>>>CLICK HERE for the simple PDF Version

>>>CLICK HERE for the easy-to-print Booklet version