day 14

Psst…. Catholics!  Did you know, that you can join a bible study and read the bible with other people?  It’s true!  I love bible studies and going through the process of learning about the bible with other people really deepens the experience.  Some bible studies follow a book and a bible study leader will read reflections or questions and then the group will answer them.  Some bible studies follow a DVD series.  There are lots of formats and topics but learning about Jesus with friends is something I highly recommend.

If there aren’t bible studies at your parish, start one!  It’s easy!  First, Google “how to run a bible study” so you feel more comfortable about it.  Then get some friends together and do it!  Make it for women or moms or everyone!  I highly recommend wine and chocolate if it’s in the evening 😉

As you can probably tell, I’m a huge advocate for bible studies.  I love them.  So many of them have really helped me to grow closer to Jesus.  I just think they’re great!


I could not pick out a scripture that I wanted to talk about specifically.  This part of Hebrews (Chapter 6-8) is deep and intense.  I’m not a theologian so while I found it very interesting and I think I understood it, I don’t want to lead anyone astray with commentary that is in someway wrong.  So my point is this, even when you read things in the bible that you’re not sure about, that’s okay!  God is honored by the time you’re spending with His word.  Pray for Him to help you to understand.  Ask Him to guide you.

I also have a bible that has a great cliff notes section at the bottom of each page so when I don’t understand something, I turn to those notes to help get context around what I just read.  I really like those notes and find them very useful.  I would highly recommend getting a bible with those notes if you can!