Today in my Magnificat, there is this quote from Elisabeth Leseur.  It’s so beautiful and simple.  I have added the two books below to my reading list this year!

Then courageously begin your work, always trying to discern your true task and the most amount of good that you can do, telling yourself that, whatever your vocation may be, there are always people suffering in mind or body to be cared for, tempers to be calmed, and hearts to be healed… During this active phase of your life, let your motto always be Orare et laborare.

Be faithful to your morning and evening prayer, and to that honest examination of conscience… However absorbing your occupations may be, every day reserve a few minutes for recollection and solid meditation, which will strengthen you for the struggle.

Above all, receive holy communion often with simplicity, confidence, and love.  Approach our Savior without anxiety as the friend he is, able to understand and share everything, with whom you can talk about your joys and sorrows, your temptations, and even the doubts that he can remove, your human plans and spiritual desires.

When we are physically weak, we can eat the bread that restores our life; let us do the same spiritually.  If we were saints, the same abyss would exist between God and ourselves; but since he fills it up with his love, let us go to him as friends whom he does not frighten and whom his goodness attracts.

The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur: The Woman Whose Goodness Changed Her Husband from Atheist to Priest

Light in the Darkness by Elisabeth Leseur

Are there any writing that have really struck you lately?  I’d love to read them too!  Share what authors or books or passages have really jumped out at you recently!