"Doubled our product sales and almost entirely removed myself from the day-to-day business operations."

The Marian Mastermind, run by Sterling Jaquith, has utterly transformed me and my business. This group has challenged me to see myself as a business owner, not just a mom playing around on the internet. 

Through this powerful shift, I have been able to show up differently in my business. I have built a strong team, created products that I love, passed up opportunities that weren’t right, and invested in tools that have truly moved the needle in my business. 

I have been part of the Marian Mastermind for the past year and in that time I have doubled our physical product sales and almost entirely removed myself from the day-to-day business operations of the business. Above all else, I am just so grateful to have found a group of Catholic women with whom I can do business. They aren’t afraid to ask me if I have prayed about an issue and they understand that Christ comes first. The Holy Spirit is here, alive and active. I have been so blessed by Sterling and the other women in this group. Running and growing a business while raising kids is tough, but inside the Marian Mastermind, it is possible.


- Nancy

"She helped me get clarity on where the Holy Spirit is leading me."

Working with Sterling in the Marian Mastermind has helped me realize that I can work from peace and create a business that runs the way I want it too–while still growing by leaps and bounds. She’s helped me get clarity on where the Holy Spirit is leading me. I’ve grown in confidence, and it’s not just in business, either–I love that I can also get solid, helpful life coaching at the same time. She’s given me great advice on how to navigate challenges in mothering right alongside brilliant business advice. Also, I’ve been able to touch and heal hearts in among the women I serve by using the same kind of coaching with them that I’ve received from her. 

When I look at the fruits of my time in Marian Mastermind, I see peace, flourishing, focus, and an increase in joy in my work. I also deeply appreciate the friendship and camaraderie of the other wonderful world-changing, proactive women in this group. Their feedback, accountability, prayers, wisdom, and support means so much.

- Sarah Bartel

In the Marian Mastermind, we chase peace.

Before working with Sterling and the Marian Mastermind, I felt a little bit lost. I knew how to run a successful business and it was growing but I wasn’t sure which direction I should go. 

I was yearning for a Catholic community with other successful women. I thought… there have to be other women who love working, love their families, and love being Catholic. I knew I wanted to surround myself with them. 

I’ve never really found a group of people that I’ve totally fit in with but the mastermind has been a phenomenal experience to be surrounded by other women who get it.

After completing this round of the mastermind, my business has shifted.. not in huge ways but in ways where I feel confident and at peace with the decisions I’m making.

Before, my emotions were really big when making large decisions. Now, I come at them from a place of peace and knowing what God’s calling me to do.I didn’t know how to pray for my business before, but I do now.

Jenny Pularski

"This is the room you want to be in."

This Mastermind is inspiring to be a part of because it showed me that the male dominated “hussle culture” way of doing business isn’t the only way. It’s encouraging to be around other Catholic moms who are growing large businesses while growing their family. If you’re a Catholic mom and you want to grow your business, this is the room you want to be in.

- Katherine

“When I first joined the Marian Mastermind, I thought I knew what my business goals were. But through the mastermind’s focus on alignment with God’s will and working from peace, I’ve realized my plans were mine, but not necessarily God’s plans. 

Sterling has gently guided me to open my heart and mind to what God is calling me to do. The spiritual foundation of this community and the connection with other business owners have been life-changing. 

For any Catholic businesswoman looking to grow in faith and peace, I can’t recommend Sterling and the Marian Mastermind enough. This has been an awesome decision for my career and spiritual life.”

Pam Barnhill

“Sterling is an exceptional coach. She has almost a supernatural ability to read each woman and help them unblock the thing holding them back in their business.”

Mastermind Member

I'm a Catholic mom.

Hi! I’m Sterling Jaquith.

I wrote my first business plan when I was eleven.

I competed with business plans in high school and college and was a business consultant by 22. I have a finance degree and I won $10,000 in a business plan competition beating out all the other grad and MBA students!

I’m not one of those business coaches who has only had a coaching business.

I’ve owned a dog training company, a web design company, and an agricultural fencing company. I currently run a membership for Catholic moms.

I started this mastermind because I looked around and there were no Catholic business groups for moms.

I believe… unusual as it is… that God really does call some women to do business while raising kids. I’m obedient to that calling and I’m committed to working and raising my kids from peace. Come join me.