When I converted to Catholicism after being an Evangelical Protestant, there were a lot of new things to take in. There was the Pope and the tradition of the Church. There was Mary and the rosary. There was adoration and confession. There were feast days and fast days. And then there were the saints. As I tackled many of these new aspects of my faith, I kind of left the saints in the background. I acknowledged there were saints, and that they were importan,t but that’s about as much thought as I gave them.

It wasn’t until I started doing research for a Catholic project I was working on, that I began to actually meet some of the saints. I was searching for quotes and I kept thinking, “Wow, that’s a great quote!” “I’d love to have that quote up in my office.” “That is such a profound idea, I want to learn more about this person.” And so began my journey of learning about particular saints in more depth than just scanning a Wikipedia page.

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