February 6–9th

San Pedro Retreat Center
Orlando, Florida

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You need time and a new environment to think about your business.

After this retreat, you will know:

Look at the beautiful San Pedro Retreat Center!

Come learn how to do business from peace.

you already know how to make money. You've probably taken courses, listened to tons of podcasts, read business books...

I will teach you how to grow your business from peace.

You may be wasting time and energy spinning out. Even quiet, A-type planners… they often have a low-level buzzy anxiety. 

After six-figures, husband issues come up, it’s harder to balance work and family. You have to firmly commit to let go of side-hustle thinking and step into CEO thinking.

Yes. You’re a CEO.

God is calling you to grow your business and He doesn’t want you to do it from stress, panic, fear, self-loathing, compare and despair or guilt. 

Learning how to do business, BIG BUSINESS, from peace is a skill you can use for the rest of your life. I’ll show you how.

This is going to be a restful time.

I'm going to take care of you.

What You'll Experience

Lots of Time to Pray

The most important part of this retreat is that you give God space to speak to you. I’ll teach you how to pray about your business and give you plenty of time in beautiful and holy spaces to connect with the Holy Spirit. God has the best business plan for you!

Daily Mass

You can start your day with Daily Mass, which is offered at 7:30 a.m. This is optional but many women love the opportunity to begin each day with the Lord in this way. There is a chapel available all the time too if you want to pray at other times.


You will take a business assessment to see where you need to make decisions and discover any skills you want to acquire or refine. This is where we talk strategy and operations! You will walk away knowing what to work on and what to STOP worrying about.


We all have wounds that keep us from trusting the Lord and executing business from peace. You’ll invite the Lord to show you where your heart is closed or where you’re working from fear. I’ll show you how to begin healing and how to fully surrender yourself and the business to God.


This retreat is so much fun! There’s so much laughter and love as we support each other in our discussions of the challenges of doing business as a Catholic mom. You’ll definitely think, “I’ve finally found my people!” 


For some of you, your work will be to sleep or to take walks. Sometimes the thing your soul and your business need the most is rest. Rest is work. You need to rest to be strong enough to do the work God is calling you to. At this retreat, you will be free to really rest.

Visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe.

We will end the retreat with a visit to this beautiful Basilica. 

This stunning and special place has so many places to sit and pray.

You can take your time praying and looking at the beautiful statues and architecture.


"Sterling helps me to do the work that God has put me here to do."

Working with Sterling is life changing, period.  She hasn’t just helped me move forward in business, she has helped me align my life to God’s calling and peace.  She has given me practical knowledge about growing my business, and that matters, but that’s only 5% of the value.  The real growth has been in understanding how to fit my business into life, how to know with conviction what’s the highest and best use of my time, and how to work from peace, whether that’s feeding into my marriage, my children, myself, or my work.


Over the last 14 years, I’ve invested well over 6 figures into courses, training, and high level mentorship groups for our investing businesses and made 7 figures back.  I have never invested in a program with more value than what Sterling offers.  She doesn’t just help us be better businesswomen, she helps us become saints, with God at the center of our businesses and lives.  Matthew 8:36.  The Marian Mastermind helps me to do the work that God has put me here to do, to remove limits, and to step into Greatness.  I give this program my highest recommendation.

- Maya

Founder of LeCole Investors

Come learn the Holy Spirit Business Model:



You are a faithful Catholic woman. I know you already pray. 

I’m going to help you deepen your prayer life and trust your ability to discern the Holy Spirit’s plan for you. You’ll stop feeling confused. You’ll learn how to ask the Lord about EVERYTHING in your business and how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to get work done!



If you lack a plan or don’t believe you have a good plan, your day-to-day business will feel stressful.

You might think you don’t know what to plan or doubt that you’ll follow a plan… especially if you’re a rebellious entrepreneur! I will teach you to know exactly what to work on when you sit down at your desk and how to get your brain on board with doing the work!



I’ll teach you how to do business like Mary… from peace.

If God had called Mary to work, she would have rolled up her sleeves and gotten down to business. She would have identified the skills needed and learned them with humility. We give glory to God for the wins and we trust Him when we experience challenges.



Did you know that your brain wants you to NOT work? 

It’s really good at tricking you out of working. This is where mom guilt, money mindset, feeling like a fraud, and doubting yourself shows up. I’ll teach you HANDS OFF! How to take your hands off the keyboard until you come back to your identity in Christ, what He’s asked you to do, and the feeling of peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get them answered here.

Yes. This is one of the few things I offer that is just for moms. We’re going to talk about the challenges of building a business while raising kids and I want everyone in the room to feel comfortable sharing if they want to.

Great! I have several non-profit clients and I love helping them build their foundations. Leaning on the Holy Spirit is the same and the strategy for building a non-profit is very straightforward. We get clear on the mission, we clean up any fears you have around asking for money, and you hit the ground running being His hands in the world.

The price for the retreat is $2,400 and it includes four nights at the San Pedro Retreat Center, dinner on February 6th, all your meals February 7th and 8th, and breakfast on February 9th. I’ll have some lovely gifts for you when you arrive. I will also transport the whole group to the Basilica on February 8th.

This is for traditional Catholic moms who are ready to grow a multiple-six-figure business. The requirement to come to this retreat is that you’ve sold at least $100,000 in a 12-month period in your business and that you are clear about your current offer. Not quite there, but still interested, schedule a 15 minute call with Sterling to see if this will be a good fit for you here or I highly recommend you join The Made For Business Society.

I’ve written dozens of business plans and have been doing business for 20 years. I know A LOT about business. My business is understanding YOUR business. If there’s something I don’t know, I’ll go learn. But for most of my clients, the problem is not an industry-specific technical detail, it’s that they’re scared or they don’t know what to do or they hate sales. I’m a mindset coach that puts you together with the Holy Spirit so HE is the one telling you what to do next.

It was a lot of fun!

“Sterling is an exceptional coach. She has almost a supernatural ability to read each woman and help them unblock the thing holding them back in their business. 

The in-person event was a very powerful experience for me, it helped prepare me for some of the upcoming trials I would face in my work and it was just a lot of fun!”

- Katherine

Ready for this holy and restful 
business retreat?

Investment: $2,400

or three payments of $800

Early Bird Special!

save $200, Register by end of day Dec 15th


NOTE: You must have made at least $100,000 in your business to come to this retreat.
This is not a Business 101 retreat. We will be talking about advanced scaling and strategy tactics. 
Not quite there, but still interested? Schedule a 15 minute call with Sterling.